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  • How Do I Name My Cupcake Business?

    How Do I Name My Cupcake Business?

    Sugar Muffins Cupcakes! I didn't have to go very far when searching for a name for my bake shop. I had no idea how hard it could be when trying to find that perfect name. I started with names of people who were dear to my heart like my daughter or my beloved mom and yes my grandmother Hattie Bell, so I thought of Hattie Cakes.

    Thankfully as I was doing my research I remember calling out to our 4 year old daughter at the time to come here. I said Sugar Muffin as I waited for her arrival I thought to myself, "Sugar Muffin? Wait a minute, WHAT? To my surprise my daughter already had the name of my business it was absolutely PERFECT, such a great play on words Sugar Muffin WOW! A Muffin with sugar on top sounds like a cupcake to me and that is how I picked a name for my cupcake business.

    Blessings to you on your journey.



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  • A Cup Cake Journey: By Sugar MuffinS Cupcakes

    Grandmas Kitchen

    Our journey to cupcakes all started with a prayer! I worked for a major retailer at the time and the pay was the absolute worst as well as the hours. I wanted to do something that would help my family and bring in some extra income,so I decided to pray & the idea came to me to bake. So I begin researching this crazy idea that was a godsend.
    A Banana Pudding Cupcake? Oh my! Wow I thought to myself as I couldn't find a recipe for this God idea. I continued to research and  there it was in my amazement a recipe for a banana pudding cupcake? I laughed and thought how can I do this I can't bake I told myself! Well flashbacks begin to come up from my upbringing you see Grandma AKA "Hattie Bell Johnson"  was the best Chef in town! My grandmother stood around 5'3 with Hazel Green Eyes. I can still remember this as if it was yesterday. She would have her grand kids in the kitchen with her (we were there to lick the cake bowl) as she cooked and baked the absolute best and most  delicious creations I had ever had in my whole life mind you I was maybe 6 at this time. Everyone wanted to taste my grandmother's cooking especially those cakes she made ever so well. From her Coconut Cream to her German Chocolate and my absolute favorite Cake! LEMON! OMG! you have no idea how this cake changed the way I see baked goods till this day. I compare every cake to this moist delicious confection.
    This was the cake she made me ever year up until the age of 7. I counted down the months until my next birthday longing to have this cake all to myself slice after slice all mine. My grandmother was known for making all her grandchildren their favorite cakes on their birthday. The cup cake journey has just began. 




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