September 20, 2019

How Do I Name My Cupcake Business?

How Do I Name My Cupcake Business?

Sugar Muffins Cupcakes! I didn't have to go very far when searching for a name for my bake shop. I had no idea how hard it could be when trying to find that perfect name. I started with names of people who were dear to my heart like my daughter or my beloved mom and yes my grandmother Hattie Bell, so I thought of Hattie Cakes.

Thankfully as I was doing my research I remember calling out to our 4 year old daughter at the time to come here. I said Sugar Muffin as I waited for her arrival I thought to myself, "Sugar Muffin? Wait a minute, WHAT? To my surprise my daughter already had the name of my business it was absolutely PERFECT, such a great play on words Sugar Muffin WOW! A Muffin with sugar on top sounds like a cupcake to me and that is how I picked a name for my cupcake business.

Blessings to you on your journey.




  • Tracy on December 28, 2019

    I’m visiting from the Washington DC area and bought your gluten free salted caramel cupcake jar from a farmers market in New Braunfels and I wish you guys were closer to my home! They were DELICIOUS! Thank you!!

  • Ann Dee on November 12, 2019

    You 🎸 Thanks For The Awesome Cupcakes!!

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